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When a person ingests a food-borne pathogen, the immune system tries to protect the body by attacking that pathogen. However, sometimes the immune system reacts inappropriately, attacking the body’s own cells as well. Such an inappropriate response can lead to a chronic health problem. Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) can cause permanent paralysis and hospitalization, and it kills approximately 100 people every year in the United States. In addition, the Center for Foodborne Illness Research & Prevention reports that approximately one-third of people with GBS need to be cared for in rehabilitation or long-term care facilities.

While consumers can increase causing people to their safety by practices such as washlose confidence ing their hands and cooking foods to in the safety of proper internal temperatures, Klein their food supply. ”28 Yet when the food that comes from those producers is the cause of food-borne illness, consumers often feel they cannot rely on them. The Safe Food Coalition complains: “The last few years have been marked by widespread, severe outbreaks of foodborne illness caused by common foods contaminated with deadly pathogens.

Human action can also cause cross contamination, where microbes spread from one food to another; for example, when the same knife or cutting board is used for different foods. “ ” Contamination of Meat and Poultry Raw meat and poultry can be contaminated with the pathogens that cause food-borne illness. If these pathogens are not killed by cooking the meat to the proper temperature, or if they accidentally contaminate other foods during food preparation, food-borne illness can occur. Raw chicken is the most likely to contain pathogens that cause food-borne illness.

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