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Detect how math applies to the sport of soccer, from the size of the sector to the calculation of avid gamers' stats.

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Some quarterbacks are good at avoiding interceptions. line of scrimmage (LINE OV SKRIM-ij): The line of scrimmage is the imaginary line that separates teams at the beginning of play. Victor Cruz's 99-yard touchdown was the longest possible play from the line of scrimmage. offense (uh-FENS): The offense on a team tries to score points. Defenses can intercept passes or recover fumbles by the offense. percentages (pur-SEN-tij-iz): Percentages are numbers out of a hundred. All kinds of important statistics are measured in percentages.

All kinds of important statistics are measured in percentages. statistic (stuh-TISS-tik): A statistic is a fact or piece of information expressed in a number or percentage. Total time of possession is a statistic used to compare teams in a game. two-point conversion (TOO-POINT kuhn-VUR-shun): A two-point conversion is a scoring play that is made right after a touchdown, where the ball is carried or passed into the end zone from the 2-yard line. Two-point conversions are less successful than one-point kicks.

After losing 2 yards on his sixth attempt, how many yards rushing does McCoy have? 2. David Akers lines up for a 45-yard field goal attempt. The ball is placed 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage for Akers to attempt his kick. On what yard line does the play start? 3. The following bar graph shows points allowed by the American Football Conference North teams during the 2011 regular season. 350 325 Points Allowed in 2011 300 275 250 150 125 100 75 PITTSBURGH 175 CLEVELAND CINCINNATI 200 Baltimore P oints 225 50 25 0 TEAMS Which team allowed the fewest points?

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