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By Michael Du Pont

Foreign Direct funding in Transitional Economies provides an in depth research into the hot alterations within the styles and determinants in inflows of FDI to transitional economies within the gentle of FDI reports within the economic system of China and Poland. It appears to be like at and analyzes adjustments that are happening within the nature of foreign company, either by way of the drives of trans-border transactions and the strategic orientation of the corporations that interact in those transactions. The ebook additionally takes into account the dynamic forces of globalization.

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In the evolving context of global competition, a series of new roles have emerged for the developing economies. Among these roles are high value-added manufacturing and small-batch production ± for example ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits), specialised engineering for initiating rapid design changes, high-technology production of both software and hardware, and low-cost, high-quality R&D (Electronic Business Asia, 1993). By linking up with various economic partners in the NICs and ASEAN, developing countries could stimulate export manufacturing from these countries.

Furthermore, the paradigm offers a robust tool for analysing the role of FDI as an engine of growth and development as well as for evaluating the extent to which the policies of source and host governments are likely both to affect and be affected by that activity. Theory and Evidence on FDI 15 OTHER THEORETICAL CONTRIBUTIONS: A SELECTED VIEW To complete this short historical review, we briefly consider two other approaches to explaining MNC activity which offer valuable insights into both location and ownership of international economic activity.

Both the alleged causes and consequences outlined in the preceding section have been investigated in various ways. A striking feature of this literature is its overwhelming reliance on the OLI-paradigm framework. However, there have been a few sporadic attempts to study the problem from different perspectives. The existing empirical studies support the view that the traditional classical theories leave many recent features of FDI inflow unexplained. Moreover, the existing studies have focused almost exclusively on the experience of the US, Japanese and European MNCs; the experience of more recent entrants from the developing countries of Asia and Eastern Europe need more attention.

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