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Because the first variation of foreign currency innovations in 1993, buying and selling in foreign currency suggestions has passed through swift growth and now bills for an everyday turnover of a few $100 billion world-wide. This revised and increased moment version takes into consideration fresh adjustments in either marketplace perform and regulatory standards and comprises many new explanatory diagrams and functional examples.

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In fact, one or t w o of the listed strategies could be more accurately renamed 'broker's dream'. 28 Option combinations 29 T h e O T C market has produced its o w n strategies but for a different reason, that being hedging F X e x p o s u r e . T h e option combinations still comprise Calls and Puts w i t h different strikes and amounts, but have been invented primarily for p r e m i u m reduction to reduce hedging costs. Different banks have given their o w n names to these products so, unfortunately, there are different names for the same strategy depending on w h o m one is talking to at the time.

Delta is explained in full in Chapter 7. ). T h e ratio Put spread in Fig. 8 can be looked upon as a bear Put spread w i t h twice the amount sold as bought hence a ratio of 1:2. 6). 8 cents. 8 cents). e. net short in single amount. 032. T h i s strategy is usually initiated w h e n spot is close to the higher strike and can be used w h e n a slight fall in the F X rate is expected. T h e fall at this point is not expected to continue o t h e r w i s e the outlook is for unlimited losses. If the bearish v i e w proves incorrect and the F X rate increases, then only a small, limited loss is encountered.

In Fig. 5% of the underlying F X position. 5% of the unhedged position (hence 'profit sharing f o r w a r d ) . 34 at w h i c h level the loss on the range f o r w a r d matches the loss on the profit sharing f o r w a r d . g. 34). 5% of any profits below that level. 60 for 1 cent. 8 8 8 8 Spot at Expiration This seagull profits from an increase in GBP. 30 Put. Seagull The range f o r w a r d has t w o strikes: one bought option and one sold option of equal amounts. The profit sharing f o r w a r d has one strike: one bought option and one sold option of unequal amounts.

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