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Read the following parts to discover more secrets… 50 MODERN OPTION Lowering the L-C frequency to mains frequency (Modulation) COMMENTS: It is possible to use square waves instead of sine waves to ease the loading on the transistors. This is very similar to the output sections of Tariel Kapanadze’s patents. This method does not require a powerful transformer with a huge core in order to provide 50 Hz or 60 Hz. Don Smith’s option (guessed at by Patrick Kelly) COMMENT : There is no high-frequency high-voltage step-down transformer, but a step-down transformer is used for mains frequency which means that it will need a huge core.

THE RESULT VERIFICATION FOR OPTION 3 For verification of these results and in order to improve the accuracy, all measurements were repeated using alternative components. 6 mH, germanium diodes: (Russian) D311, charging voltage: 5V. The result: Confirmation of the previous measurements (a) shown below: (a) (b) The recharging accuracy was improved to 10 percent. Also, a check measurement was made without the second diode. The result was essentially the same as the measurement which used the shunting diode.

THESE OPTIONS ARE DIFFERENT However, in both cases, an increase of energy occurs due to the charges being pumped in from the ground. In the terminology of Mr. Tesla – “a charge funnel” or in modern terminology “a charge pump”. 1. In the first case, the problem for the oscillating circuit is to "create" an electromagnetic field which has a high intensity electrical component in ambient space. (Ideally, it is only necessary for the high-voltage capacitor be fully charged once. After that, if the circuit is lossless, then oscillation will be maintained indefinitely without the need for any further input power).

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