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By Gordon Rottman

The soldier slang of global conflict II used to be as vibrant because it used to be evocative. it can be insulting, pessimistic, witty, or even defeatist. From 'spam bashers' to 'passion wagons' and 'roof pigs' to 'Hell's Ladies', the realm struggle II combating guy used to be by no means in need of phrases to explain the folks and occasions in his existence. "F***ed Up past All popularity" takes a frank examine the British, Commonwealth, American, German, eastern and Russian slang utilized by the lads at the flooring, and exhibits how, even within the warmth of conflict, they by some means controlled to continue their experience of humour, black even though it could were.

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Qxp:US 001-296_95454 5/8/07 5:30 PM Page 36 FUBAR: F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition cross-section appeared as a three-leaf clover. In bulk the containers required less shipping space than a rectangular box. cocksucker bread French bread. The term fused a schoolboy appreciation of shape with a general suspicion of the French. coffee cooling Loafing, taking a break. A “coffee cooler” was one who sought a softer job. cold feet Fearful or having second thoughts, surprisingly common among soldiers regularly facing death.

Double ugly Lowest gear on a truck with all drive wheels engaged. ” douche bag Low-life person. doughboy A solider, specifically an infantryman. ” “Old soldiers” with prewar experience still used it. qxp:US 001-296_95454 5/8/07 5:30 PM Page 43 GI AND GYRENE JARGON connected to WWI, doughboy originated during the 1846–47 Mexican–American War and was used in the Civil War. Its origins are uncertain, but have been attributed to white dust collected on the uniforms of marching infantry, fried dough dumplings that soldiers ate, white pipe clay used to whiten belts, and the rounded shape of uniform buttons.

This phrase evolved from the “gold brick swindle” that occurred in Colorado in 1879, a fraud involving gold-plated bricks. Somehow the term came to be used by soldiers in the late 1800s for a girl who was unattractive or a poor dancer or conversationalist. During WWI it came to mean a soldier who could not “pull his load,” a shirker. goldfish Canned salmon. goofball Fouled-up person, with a strange and amusing personality. Goofy. goof off Make mistakes, shirk or relax when there is work to be done.

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