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By David Alsobrook

What ministries are open to believers? How does a believer hearken to his or her ministry and satisfy it? Why do not pastors motivate the church to operate within the physique of Christ?

This ebook explains Jesus' educating on stable stewardship. It exhibits how each people could be a contributing member of the physique. Enablings, presents, and stumbling blocks are sincerely proven.

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Second, ENOCH PLEASED GOD. We cannot please God without faith. By faith he was translated that he should not see death. He had this testimony "... " So we can see that the first stage is walking with God. When we do that and bring our lives into alignment with God, we please God. Finally, after these two steps, OUR MINISTRY COMES FORTH and flows from the fellowship. Enoch gave the first prophecy recorded in the Bible. We are not aware of this fact until we read about it in the Book of Jude, but we know that he prophesied or gave forth the Word of God to his generation.

At the judgment seat of Christ (I Corinthians 3) we will have to account for the grace given to us. " Our works will be judged that we may receive rewards for the things done in the body. An assignment of position in the kingdom will be made. A designation of awards will take place. While our eternal salvation is assured without works, our reward or placement in His kingdom is dependent upon our stewardship of His grace in this life (see II Timothy 2:11-13). " Let us take heed—look out—pay attention—watch diligently—that we fulfill those precious ministries God has entrusted to us.

But some are. And those upon whom Christ has thrown His mantle are gifts to the Body to minister to the Body and bring it to the full stature of Christ. This "five-fold" ministry has frequently been called the "hand" ministry—the hand of the Body of Christ. The hand is the only part of the body which can reach and touch and minister to every other part of the body. It is the part of the body that feeds, cleans, dresses, binds up, and generally cares for the rest of the body. We adorn the hands with rings.

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