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It is thus that to a graphical form there must correspond an appropriate description in the associated data structure in such a way that the manipulation of the one gets translated to an adequate modification of the other. Everything thus will be a matter of descriptions, hence of languages and levels, hence of the tranlation of one language into another one. 1). Inreraction level Interactive dialogue tool Conunand language Data Description language Sb1JCture ! Level i t ITranslator I I Level i-I :Image memory ~_ _I ~ Addresses of values 1_ • Level 0 Fig.

Suppose for example that the image memory consists of words of three bits with plane zero corresponding to a red image, plane I to a green one and plane 2 to a blue one. 3. Digitizers of images The image of the red plane, which has higher priority, hides the objects stored in the green and blue planes. If this red image is removed the concealed parts of the green object can appear. Transparency: instead of planes which hide each other they can also complement just like transparent sheets of coloured plastic.

10). Image synthesis 22 IT L7~7 EJ Emission E]-------t:- Reception IT £J/; 7 El 0-----:. IT • Microprocessor coded (X,Y) Fig. 10. Modes of functioning In rapid reading mode (stream), the tablet continuously sends the coordinates of the position of the stylus (with frequencies that vary according to the apparatus involved but which are of the order of some 200 times per second, a frequency which is also modifiable by means of a program or by means of dials located on the box of the tablet). This mode is used to enter drawings by hand.

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