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By Richard S. Gallagher

This publication will switch the way in which that you simply converse with buyers. probably extra very important, it is going to additionally switch the way in which that you just examine patron situations—from an paintings to a technological know-how.

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I just saw it on the shelf. Clerk: Well, OK then. Just remember that you’ll have to return it by Monday, or there will be a $10 per day late fee. You: No problem, I plan to return it on Sunday. M. on Sundays. What you are seeing here is an example of a mind-set known as negative expectation—that is, the unspoken presumption of bad intentions from the other person, which in turn leads us to focus almost exclusively on protecting ourselves. Negative expectation is almost universal in the world of customer interactions.

In much the same way, para- Chapter 3 | The First Thirty Seconds 41 phrasing anything that a customer says will build respect and cooperation, in a way that will make the transaction easier for both you and the customer. 2. Show your expertise. The practice of showing your expertise is another potent technique that deserves special mention. By knowing your product or service very well—no matter how humble it is—and sharing this expertise with others, you demonstrate a level of interest that builds trust, demonstrates competence, and helps customers feel that they are dealing with the right person.

It is a practice that no one approves of, but everyone does. Stereotyping springs from the same kinds of social cognition skills we discussed earlier—in other words, the ability to recognize patterns of behavior in people and react to them. In some ways, it is a useful and adaptive trait. Because of past assumptions that toddlers have a tendency to wander into the path of oncoming traffic, you spring to the alert when young children are near a road. Similarly, when you see a person in a wheelchair, you may instinctively hold open the door for 20 Great Customer Connections him or her.

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