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By Joe Kertzman

In Greatest Loveless Knife Designs writer Joe Kertzman stocks what he reveals to be the best Bob Loveless Knife Designs of all time. but, there are such a lot of to select from, he may have stuffed 5 books, and there'd nonetheless be debate. Regardless, few can argue with the alternatives, as each one knife is traditionally major, gorgeously created and perfectly executed.

Four-color, high-resolution pictures of the selected Loveless knives show off the sweetness and ingenuity of the styles, and entire necessities accompany each one photo. Noteworthy evidence and old details cement the alternatives, and are more suitable through interesting anecdotes in regards to the guy in the back of the knives. Loveless, himself, was once a desirable person with a distinct outlook on lifestyles, much residing in the back of him, a character that legends are made from, and a life of accomplishments within the knife undefined.

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This particular blade pattern gets its name from the way the blade point drops away from the back edge of the knife. ” Due to customer demand, Bob made a few clip-point blades. However, the clip point doesn’t have nearly as much point support as the drop point and is more easily broken should the user exercise lateral pressure on the blade. A prime example of a drop-point hunter, made in 1973 when Steve Johnson worked with Bob Loveless, it features hidden-tang construction, a single guard and a maroon-Micarta handle.

CHAPTER 4 The Most Beautiful Knife Bob Ever Made? Green canvas Micarta®—a Bob Loveless staple—anchors this gorgeous, integral semi-skinner If Bob Loveless reportedly said that this integral semi-skinner, with its dark-green canvas-Micarta handle, is “the most beautiful knife I ever made,” then who am I to argue? Or anyone for that matter … The knife was crafted about 1987 and features a drop-point blade. It is from the John Denton collection, and the photo is by Hiro Soga. The knife appeared on page 39 of the book Knifemaking With Bob Loveless.

It seemed to me that everyone at the Institute was only interested in designing commercial centers, while my interests lie with more practical architecture. What really stirred my thought processes were things like single-family homes and mobile homes. Without any meaningful encouragement from my instructors, I just up and quit school,” Bob said. Shortly afterwards, Bob enrolled in Kent State University in Ohio. “I definitely wasn’t the average college freshman. My knowledge of the workings of the English language wasn’t up to par, but I could express myself.

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