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Structural Investigation of Historic Buildings: A Case Study Guide to Preservation Technology for Buildings, Bridges, Towers, and Mills

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To fit a tile to an irregular contour, cut a pattern from cardboard and then transfer the contour to the tile. Where a pipe comes through the tile, as in tubs and showers, don't do anything until all the other field tiles are in place . Then either measure the location of the required hole or hold the tile against the pipe and mark the hole (see drawing on page 57 ). The escutcheons will hide any minor inaccuracies. To cut the hole, you have two choices . You can use a hole saw and an electric drill, or you can cut the tile in two and then nibble away the waste material.

All the thin-set ad hes ives are applied in basica ll y the same way. The tool used is a trowel with notches or serrat ions along one side and one end. First, spread the adhesive over the backi ng, using the smooth edges of the trowel to fo rm a thin layer. Then, with the trowel held at a 45° angle to the surface, comb the layer of ad hes ive with the notched edges of the trowel. Press the trowel firm ly agai nst the backing so th e adhesive forms ridges as you comb. The valleys between them w ill be covered with on ly a thin film.

Materials. Chec k th e til es, adh es ive, and grout you p urc hased . Do th e til e co lo rs mat c h f ro m box t o box? Sli ght va ri ati o ns so m etim es occ ur. Th ese va ri ati o ns are o ne of t he c harm s of til e- but if yo u prefer uni fo rmity, exc hange th e til es . Is t he adh es ive co m pati b le w ith yo ur bac kin g? Will th e gro ut work w ith t he ad hes ive and til es you have? A nswe r th ese qu esti o ns now rath er th an aft er yo u have la id m ost ·of th e t i les. M any til es, parti c ul arl y th ose with reddish bodi es, t end t o be du st y.

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