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By Massad Ayoob

In this excerpt from the Gun Digest booklet of hid Carry, Massad Ayoob offers 6 key the way to remain lively in CCW and on most sensible of your online game.

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Contents Cover Concealed Carry Tips Copyright This small-frame S&W 357 was used by the young woman who carries it to ward off two assailants, with no blood shed on either side. Concealed carry was a practice she learned from her mom and dad, and it saved her. ” I suppose I’ll be thinking the same thing on my deathbed. Hell, I suppose we’ll all be thinking that on our deathbeds. This is a life study. I’ve written several books and literally thousands of articles on this, and still haven’t covered it all.

Put layer after layer of safety into your daily handling and carrying practices. Remember Jeff Cooper’s Four Rules. (1) All guns are always (considered) loaded. (2) Never point the gun at anything you are not prepared to see destroyed. (3) Never touch the trigger until the gun is on target and you are in the act of intentionally firing. (4) Always be certain of your target and what is behind it. Remember that the responsibility to keep your weapon out of incompetent and/or unauthorized hands falls solely upon you.

That has given me a precious opportunity to see how he acquires and uses the knowledge that he shares with others in his training classes, his writing and his case work as an expert witness. ” Well, it is. I have been poring over the manuscript for the past week and I am happy to report that Mas has put together a winner. And a timely winner, at that. Concealed carry has been a hot topic in the world of gun ownership for the past two decades or so. More and more opportunities for decent, law abiding citizens to protect themselves by legally carrying concealed firearms have emerged as State after State has adopted more realistic concealed carry laws.

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