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By Massad Ayoob

In this excerpt from the Gun Digest e-book of hid Carry, Massad Ayoob covers pocket holsters, drawing from the pocket, firing from the pocket and tactical concerns for this mode of hid hold.

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Except to the people involved. Every case has its lessons. And, very often, his students have their stories. Stories that can make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, or bring a tear to your eye. Like the female student who had been the victim of two violent sexual assaults. The first time her attacker succeeded in raping her. The second attacker did not. The difference? The second time she was armed and prepared to defend herself. Or the Roman Catholic priest, who grew up in a foreign country known for its civil strife.

Mas has known most of the greats. And anyone who knows Mas also knows that he is always asking questions, always analyzing other people’s views and always seeking more and more knowledge. It’s not just the “names” either. I have been with him when he asked the ordinary man or woman what their impressions were on a particular gun or piece of gear. “How do you like that Beretta,” he asked a young highway patrolman we were sharing a gas pump with during a fuel stop on a trip across the Great Plains.

Contents Gun Digest’s Concealed Pocket Carry eShort Copyright Left-hand trouser pocket holster by Bill Rodgers for Safariland conceals J-frame S&W Airweight 38 with Eagle “secret service” stocks. People have been carrying guns in their pockets ever since firearms became small enough to fit there. Wild Bill Hickok carried one or more derringers in his pockets to back up his famous pair of 36-caliber cap ’n ball Navy Colts. Wyatt Earp testified under oath in re the deaths of Frank McLaury, William Clanton, and Thomas McLaury that he began the OK Corral shootout with his hand on the butt of a Colt Single Action Army 45 revolver in the pocket of his overcoat.

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