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By David Fessenden

In this excerpt from Defensive Handgun Skills, David Fessenden covers Lawrence's strive against Triad and the approach had to be successful along with your handgun in a violent come upon.

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It takes months and months of dry practice, live fire, and then passing a grueling and arduous range test to acquire this most prestigious of rankings. Jeff Cooper further added, “Obviously, if you are a good shot your self-confidence takes care of itself. ” He also said, “Far more important than brilliant pistol craft is attitude. ” The best shot in the world is helpless if he or she doesn’t want to shoot. From a fine-tuned Combat Mindset arises this proper attitude and technique. When you have fully developed a Combat Mindset, your every move will be well-rehearsed and reflexive – even when reacting to a potentially disastrous malfunction such as this stovepipe failure.

MAGAZINE WELL: The hollow portion of the grip frame that holds the loaded magazine. MALFUNCTION: An operational failure of a weapon usually caused by operator error or faulty ammunition. MUZZLE: The open end of the barrel of the weapon out of which the bullet exits the firearm. PIE OFF: (pie a corner) A movement technique of incrementally sidestepping around a corner to safely clear the other side of that area. PRESENTATION: The moving of the weapon from the holster to the point in position. Also called the DRAW.

The thought of terminating another human’s life can be daunting prospect, and not all victims are prepared to undertake this necessity. So how are we able to achieve this mental state that will lead to our making the decision to terminate a violent assailant when our own life is in danger? With hundreds and hundreds of hours of dry practice. Developing your technique, confidence and speed, you will simultaneously develop the reflexive mindset to take the step and survive a threat to your life. With hundreds of hours on the range and in shoot houses, shooting at hostage targets and bad guy targets, you will develop a natural reflexive reaction to the threat.

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