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By Lothar Eggeling, Michael Bott

Instruction manual of Corynebacterium glutamicum is a complete resource of medical and technical details required for the manipulation and processing ofC. glutamicum, the bacterium used for the construction of fundamental metabolites. the main accomplished booklet at the topic, it summarizes the present wisdom within the box ofC. glutamicum study and offers a foundation for destiny paintings. Written through specialists from and academia, the publication covers all significant points of C. glutamicum: creation, body structure, biochemistry and genetics.

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The strains were found to be biotin auxotrophs and only produced glutamic acid within a relatively narrow concentration range of biotin in the medium. Subsequently, a large number of glutamic acid-producers were isolated and classified in different genera (mainly Brevibacterium, Corynebacterium, Microbacterium, Micrococcus, and Arthrobacter), but most of them carried invalid names. One of the largest numerical taxonomic studies on glutamic acid–producing bacteria was performed by Abe et al. ’ All were Gram-positive, nonsporulating, nonmotile, ellipsoidal spheres to short rods that displayed biotin requirement and were able to produce >30 g/l of l-glutamic acid from carbohydrates and ammonia in their culture broth under aerobic conditions.

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