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By Alvin Silverstein

Authors Alvin and Virginia Silverstein and Laura Silverstein Nunn discover bronchial asthma during this new identify within the convenient future health courses sequence. discover what bronchial asthma is, what triggers assaults, and the way to regard and forestall bronchial asthma assaults.

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It’s usually the dust mites’ droppings that cause allergy problems. They are so tiny and light that they can easily float through the air, enter your nose, and cause symptoms. Some places in the world are asthma-free. For instance, asthma is very rare among the Eskimos in North America. That might be because the climate is too cold for dust mites to live. Image Credit: Eye of Science/Photo Researchers, Inc. The Dangers of Smoking Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is bad for you. When you breathe in cigarette smoke, the harmful chemicals in it—such as carbon monoxide—go right into your lungs.

Many doctors believe that it is most important to treat the main problem of asthma—inflammation of the airways. Anti-inflammatory drugs can do the job by reducing the swelling and twitchiness in the airways. These drugs are usually taken regularly, once or twice a day. Regular use of these drugs can help make the airways less sensitive and less likely to start a reaction. How do you know what type of asthma medication you need and how much? Well, that depends on how severe your symptoms are and how often they occur.

Com Coughing is very common in people with asthma. Asthma symptoms vary greatly from person to person. Whether the symptoms are mild or severe depends on how seriously the airways are inflamed. It is important to treat asthma attacks early. This helps prevent further inflammation that can make the symptoms worse. If asthma is not treated right away, the attacks may destroy some of the cilia that sweep particles away from the lungs. Then, with fewer cilia, the airway lining cannot clear out the particles as effectively.

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