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Do you recognize a person who wears glasses? learn the way your eyes paintings, and the way to maintain your eyes. The convenient future health advisor on your EYES additionally explores why humans want glasses or contacts.

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If you try to do that, you’ll end up cross-eyed! com Activity 2: Seeing in 3-D Close one eye and try to walk around the room. Did you have trouble? Did you bump into anything? Walking around with one eye closed is not impossible, but it’s much easier to walk when you have both your eyes open. That’s because seeing through just one eye gives you only part of the picture. The image looks flat and two-dimensional. When you look at an object with both eyes open, each eye sees an image at a slightly different angle.

But then after a while, things look clear again? While you sleep at night, fluid builds up in the corneas. This causes swelling that changes the way they bend light rays. It takes a little while for the corneas to get back to normal. So your vision will be clearer at midmorning than when you first wake up. com/Michael Henderson Chapter 5 DO YOU NEED GLASSES? How do you know if you have a vision problem? You may be so used to seeing the world a certain way that you don’t realize that anything is wrong.

What happens to the pupil in your other eye? It should get smaller, too, because the pupils work together. Like blinking, these reactions are automatic. You cannot control them. Scientists have found that people’s pupils also get larger when they are looking at something interesting, and they get smaller when they see something upsetting. Show your friends some pictures in a magazine. Write down what happens to their pupils when they see each picture. Do their pupils get bigger when they look at a laughing baby?

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