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By Hua-Sheng Shao

This ebook specializes in the learn of heavy quarkonium creation at high-energy colliders as a useful gizmo to give an explanation for either the perturbative and non-perturbative elements of quantum choromodynamics. It offers the 1st complete comparability among the speculation and up to date experiments and clarifies a few longstanding puzzles within the heavy quarkonium construction mechanism. additionally, it describes intimately a brand new framework for imposing exact computations of the actual observables in quantum box theories according to lately built concepts. it may be used to simulate the advanced collider setting of the big Hadron Collider on the Conseil Européen pour los angeles Recherche Nucléaire (CERN). Its accomplishment signifies that the Monte Carlo simulations for high-energy physics experiments have reached the bounds of precision. It deals readers a wealth of priceless info at the appropriate techniques.

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N . -S. 1) All possible subgraphs that are able to transfer the k external legs into such offshell current J have been contained in the shade bubble. We can assign each current J a number l, which is called “level” in the context. It is defined as the number of external legs involved in the current J . In other words, the “level” of J ({pi1 , . . , pik }; {αi1 , . . , αik }) is k. In such a case, we see that the “level” of each external leg should be 1. Our construction of the higher “level” currents is starting from the lower “level” ones in a recursive way.

Due to the large higher-order QCD corrections in heavy quarkonium production, we are planning to improve HELAC-Onia to perform NLO-level computations. Moreover, it is quite interesting to see how HELAC-Onia can be applied to more broder physics, such as heavy ion collisions [39] and transverse momentum factorization [40]. , NNLO QCD corrections to ψ(2S) production at the LHC. It is the highest 34 3 HELAC-Onia Fig. 75. The ATLAS data are obtained from Ref. [44] multiplicity quarkonium process that has been calculated and studied so far [41].

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