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By Werner Marx

A view of Heidegger's divergence from the conventional philosophies of reason.

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Werner Marx (1910-1994) used to be a German thinker and Heidegger professional. He taught on the collage of Freiburg.

Theodore Kisiel is a professor emeritus of Philosophy at Northern Illinois college.

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First, to include such information meant acting as if Heidegger refers to these translations - which in fact he does not. To give one example, Heidegger often refers to his first major work in a general sort of way by mentioning the title Sein und Zeit, and sometimes he mentions this title not so much as the title of a book but as an achievement. Mentioning Being and Time instead seemed to us to obfuscate this distinction. Secondly, in some cases there is more than one English translation of the same work, and in some cases even the titles in English are not identical.

Technicity). As the ownmost of beings, as the manner in which beings as such generally are, machination impels all the forces capable of power and of transforming power to total unleashing into self-overpowering of power. [Gl81 True to the basic sway of power, power has always continued by furthering and heightening of power such that its superseding should count only as something unessential and exclusively conspicuous in external process. This self-overpowering of power that continues in this way shows itself in manifold phenomena which - as they are experienced - fall prey to an interpretation with the help of a stock of metaphysical concepts which have been handed down.

11 Parvis Emad, "On the Inception of Being-Historical Thinking and Its Unfolding as Mindfulness", in Heidegger Studies, XVI (2000), pp. 66 ff. , 66. 13 See the entry "Vermenschen" in Deutsches Wörterbuch von Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm, (Leipzig: Verlag von S. Hirzel, 1956), vol. 12, p. 860. ] From this quote the primary meaning of Vermenschen proves to be 'to humanize', 'to take human shape'. 14 See M. Heidegger, Zu Hölderlin - Griechenlandreisen (Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann Verlag, 2000), GA 75, pp.

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