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By Shiloh Walker

Dale loves ladies, they usually love him. His love lifestyles is a revolving door. not anyone unique, not anyone remains, other than Lauren, his ally. She's a candy, attractive, gifted lady. His rock, the steadying effect in his existence. So why is he beginning to see her another way? the place are those lustful recommendations coming from? men do not sleep with their top buddies. Lauren has enjoyed Dale for 5 years, from the instant she observed him. She loves his smile, his stroll, his deep, attractive voice. yet he's not in love together with her. She's his buddy, his confidant. till one scorching, steamy night…

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Scowling, she raised her false coffee to her mouth. She was tired of resting already. And she’d be damned if she’d give up her gardening. She flinched when Dale nearly trampled a fledgling rhododendron bush. html and stormed outside. Nope. She wasn’t giving up her garden. ***** Lauren was barely three months pregnant. She was still so tired, but the morning sickness had passed. Once she was up and about, her energy built up and she was moving around almost normally. Standing naked in front of the mirror in the bathroom, she studied her body.

How much weight have you lost? ” Then Lauren moved away, pacing the living room. “I’m not sick, Dale,” she said, distractedly. To tell or not to tell? And worrying. Have mercy, but she was starting to scare him. Her face was pale, almost gray, and her smooth cheeks were hollowed. Large purple half moons were under her eyes and her hair was as disheveled as he had ever seen it, loose and tumbled around her slumped shoulders. Voices echoed in Lauren’s mind as she gripped the book tightly to her chest, so tightly her knuckles were white.

He should be running scared right now. So why did he want to go over to her, fall to his knees and wrap his arms around her, bury his face against her still flat belly? “I don’t mind,” was all he said out loud, while inside his mind shoutedI want to be the father. Did he really? Was he that serious about this? Lauren raised her head, her cheeks pink. “I mean, I’ll tell her you’re going to be my coach, but she-” He got up then, walked over to her, laid his finger across her lips. Her soft gray eyes stared into his as he laid one hand on her belly.

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