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By B S Mitchell; Sandra Peel

This quantity within the Illustrated color textual content sequence brings jointly top of the range illustrations and a concise textual content focussed on crucial positive aspects and is perfect for contemporary, scientific undergraduate curricula the place easy sciences emphasise the main issues of relevance to the students.

  • Volume in Illustrated color textual content series.
  • Same first writer as Embryology volume.
  • Clinically proper evaluate excellent for clinical and different well-being technological know-how students.
  • Extensively illustrated with either color photomicrographs and line drawings.

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4 Neurons in brain. Perikarya and numerous cytoplasmic processes show some of the variation and complexity of their connections. Special stain. Medium magnification. Layers of myelin Axons Mitochondria Schwann cell cytoplasm Schwann cell nucleus A B Fig. 6 The relationship of a Schwann cell and myelin in a transverse section of (A) a myelinated axon and (B) non-myelinated axons. g. muscle and gland cells. Afferent nerves enter the spinal cord by dorsal roots and efferent nerves leave by ventral roots (Fig.

The latter is the equivalent of repair by fibroblasts in the rest of the body. Oligodendrocytes. These cells produce myelin which ensheaths some axons in the CNS. Microglia. These are small cells and they are the only nerve tissue cells which originate from mesoderm. In response to inflammation, they undergo phagocytosis and aid repair; in this they resemble macrophages (Chapters 4 and 8). Primary tissues 4: nerve tissue Neuronal cytoplasm Neuronal nucleus the spinal cord it is the central region (Fig.

15 Parasympathetic ganglion in the wall of the small intestine. These ganglion cells lie between two layers of smooth muscle. Connective tissue is stained blue. Special stain. Medium magnification. Brain and spinal cord The arrangement of neurons in brain and spinal cord is complex (see Crossman AR, Neary D. Neuroanatomy: An Illustrated Colour Text, 3rd edn. Elsevier: 2005). Two principal areas are described in brain and spinal cord as white and grey matter. In the brain, grey matter forms the peripheral region, whereas in Peripheral nerves Peripheral nerves pass between the CNS and the rest of the body.

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