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Read Online or Download Hobby Metal Casting Made Easy Ebooks - Melting Metal And Hobby Metalcasting Information How To Build Homebuilt Backyard Foundry How PDF

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We advise when starting out in moulding and casting, the best way to avoid disappointment and wasted materials is to begin by gaining technical knowledge, from our website, low cost guidance sheets, selected training books and our informative evening training classes. Next, attempt a small simple and basic moulding and casting project. This way you get the feel for materials and can progress to the next level of work. It is impracticable to go through the finer details of mould making at our trade sales centre.

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The possibilities with metal spin casting is endless. Click on the Pay Pal Button To Buy Now. com Payment & Download Instructions: Once you have filled out your details on the order page, click the continue button, it may take a minute for your payment to be validated, a page will show your purchase details, if everything is correct, click on the pay button in the lower right corner of your screen of that page, after paying, to access your download page you must click the button that says Return To Merchant, you will then be taken to the download page.

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