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Керамическая плитка - выбираем и устанавливаем плитку на любой поверхности. Разработка Вашего макета и выбор идеальной плитки, правильная обработка и резка плитки, работа с раствором и клеем ... и последние штрихи по уверенной установке. Вы сможете справиться с любой поверхностью и гордиться собой.

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Slice through any caulk or sealant. Lift the sink off the wall brackets (inset). 3 Vanity: Detach any mounting hardware, located underneath the countertop inside the vanity. 4 Slice through any caulk or sealant between the wall and the countertop. Remove the countertop from the vanity, using a pry bar if necessary. 5 Remove the screws or nails (usually driven through the back rail of the cabinet) that anchor the vanity to the wall and remove the cabinet. 43 Removing Floor Coverings Tools & Materials Gloves Floor scraper Utility knife Spray bottle Wallboard knife Wet/dry vacuum Heat gun Dust mask Hand maul Masonry chisel Flat pry bar Broom Tape measure End-cutting nippers Liquid dishwashing detergent Belt sander with coarse sanding belt Eye and ear protection Use a floor scraper to remove resilient flooring products and to scrape off leftover adhesives or backings.

6 7 8 9 6 Position and set adjacent tiles into the mortar along the reference lines. Make sure the tiles fit neatly against the spacers. 7 To make sure the tiles are level with one another, place a straight piece of 2 × 4 across several tiles, then tap the board with a mallet. 8 Lay tile in the remaining area covered with mortar. Repeat steps 2 to 8, continuing to work in small sections, until you reach walls or fixtures. 9 Measure and mark tiles to fit against walls and into corners. Cut the tiles to fit leaving an expansion joint of about 1".

The long handle provides leverage and force, and it allows you to work in a comfortable standing position. A scraper will remove most flooring, but you may need to use other tools to finish the job. T HOROUGH A ND C A R E F UL remov a l work is essential to the quality of a new floor tile or stone installation. The difficulty of flooring removal depends on the type of floor covering and the method that was used to install it. Carpet and perimeter-bond vinyl are generally quite easy to remove, and vinyl tiles are relatively simple.

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