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This easy-to-understand, totally illustrated handbook is a superb primer at the paintings of locksmithing with out really expert instruments. It discusses utilizing jimmie and "shove knives," screwdrivers, drills, door body spreaders, hacksaw blades, thumb tacks, elastic bands, and different universal instruments and goods to open doorways, home windows, desks, and cupboards. This vintage e-book is interesting interpreting for pro locksmiths or somebody attracted to this beneficial ability.

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Most locksmiths avoid the unprofessional appearance of a kitchen knife by fashioning a shove knife that is notched as shown in Figure 4. Since some doors open toward the outside, while others open in the opposite direction it is necessary to have a set of 2 shove knives, with notches to correspond to the position of the bolt bevel. In the figure marked "pull" the shove knife is operated by inserting it over or under the bolt and drawing it back in a cutting motion along the bolt until it grips the bevel and forces it back.

When pressed into the cabinet so that its face is flush with the Fig. s of Lneking Devices in filing Cabinets front, the cylinder and bar is in a locked position. In opening these cabinets most mechanics use a long, thin piece of steel approximately one sixteenth of an inch thick which is used to release the hook near the drawer which is to be opened. A long breadknife (B in Fig. -18) is ideal for this purpose. Because of different production designs, the hooks on different makes of cabinets are placed in different positions.

As pressure is applied by turning the screw, the frame gives way. Expansion of as much as two inches is not uncommon. Since the average lock bolt does not extend over three quarters of an inch, the frame is bellied out thereby freeing the bolt from the strike. The door can then be swung open. Jimmy-Proof Locks Manufacturers, aware of the power of the jimmy, have developed many types of jimmy-resisting lock bolts. Several types are shown in Figure 10. Except for ripping the entire strike from the frame, the jimmy should not be used on these locks.

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