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T. , and R. L. Kuntzendorf. “Current Asymmetry in ResistanceReactance Circuits II,” AIEE Transaction, pt. 111, Power Apparatus and Systems, vol 80, Dec 1961, pp. 800–803. [B4] Guillemin, E. , New York, 1953. [B5] Hartman, C. , “Understanding Asymmetry,” IEEE Transaction, IAS vol IA 21, No. 4, July/Aug 1985, pp 842–848. [B6] Kaufmann, R. C. Page, “Arcing Fault Protection for Low-Voltage Power Distribution Systems—The Nature of the Problem,” AIEE Transaction, PAS vol 79, June 1960, pp 160–165. 9, Sept 1967, pp 1098–1102.

Such coupling would not allow a “decoupled” analysis of one phase of the balanced circuit. Symmetrical component techniques (to be described later) can effectively decouple the three-phase circuits, assuming balanced (equal) coupling between phases, into zero, positive, and negative sequence equivalent circuits. Under balanced three-phase operating conditions, it can be shown that an analysis of the positive sequence equivalent circuit gives results that are identically equal to “a” Copyright © 2006 IEEE.

First-cycle and interrupting time calculations may need multipliers if used for equipment evaluation, while “30 cycle” calculations used mainly for time delay relay settings may not. See Chapter 10 through Chapter 12 for the application of multiplying factors. 6) Compare the calculated short-circuit duties to the equipment ratings. Chapter 11 provides detail on application of short-circuit calculations. 4 One-line diagram When preparing the data for short-circuit studies the first step is to develop a one-line diagram of the electrical system.

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