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By Lisa Moore Hunt

This research first examines the marginal repertoire in recognized manuscripts, the Psalter of man de Dampierre and an Arthurian Romance, inside of their fabric and codicological contexts. This repertoire then offers a template for a longer examine of the marginal motifs that seem in eighteen comparable manuscripts, which variety from a Bible to illustrated types of the encyclopedias of Vincent de Beauvais and Brunetto Latini. contemplating the manuscript as an entire murals, the marginalia’s actual courting to within sight texts and photographs can make clear the reception of those illuminated books by means of their medieval audience.

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11 Pen-flourished initials measuring two or three lines each divide each of the chapters in all three volumes; their flourished sprays extend the full lengths of the text columns. 12 Despite Bernard of Clairvaux’s admonishment of art in the monastery, the ban on figurative art was relaxed, at least in practice, by the late thirteenth century. Limited to the foliated, inhabited, and zoo-anthropomorphic initials opening sections of text, the decoration of the Pentateuch and Prophets volumes follows Cistercian traditions of restraint.

Animals, apes, and birds also fill the initials and constitute the familiar menagerie of marginalia in later manuscripts. With figures in the letters, borders, and margins, the initials of the Henricus Bible provide an early example of letter decoration and border decoration crossing the illuminated boundaries of the folio. 16 In the margins of the Henricus Bible, however, a combination of religious figure types, such as monks and prophets, and profane figure types, such as jongleurs and animals, enables the reader to engage more subtle distinctions of literal, moral, and allegorical senses in the context of the biblical text.

194v). The birds in Figure 4. Book of Daniel, Henricus Bible (Bruges, Archief Grootseminarie, MS 5/191), fol. 172r. Ars Profana in Cistercian Tomes 29 five margins of the second volume follow conventional bestiary models. Many are repeated in other manuscripts: a crane clattering its bill (fol. 125v), a stork swallowing a green frog (fol. 196v), the pelican piercing itself to feed its young (fol. 219v), and the sparrow feeding its offspring (fig. 32 The swallow feeding its nest of young is repeated twice in the vertical margins of the Psalter of Guy of Dampierre (fols.

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