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The feet simply change where the weight is placed so that there is a circle made by the changing weight. The very instant that you begin the palm movement, the waist begins to turn slightly to the right thus causing the palms to move in that direction (although they haven’t really moved by themselves to the right, all they do is to raise up, it is the body that causes all movement). At the same time, the weight also moves over to the right foot and begins to move slightly forward. (Photo No. 24).

We will never learn what it is that is trying to be given. All you have to do is to do your Taijiquan form and you will learn. Everything that is told to us in the “classics” is a secret of Taijiquan. But it means nothing if you just read it and think you understand it. It must be earned and learned. When a ‘classic’ is taken in at one of the times for learning, it will be like the heavens have opened up and spoken to you, like a light from above, and you will marvel at what you have just learnt.

Dim-Mak Nowadays, people tend to separate the art of dim-mak and Taijiquan. This because, as I have stated earlier, of the fact that most teachers now teach Taijiquan for health only and not many, if any, even know that Taijiquan is in fact dim-mak or death point striking. In Japanese the word is ‘tuite’ and means roughly the same thing. The Japanese version however, is very limited. However, nowadays many karate people are adopting the Chinese methods of dim-mak. Sadly though, many of these Sensei only ever search for the purely physical attacks from dim-mak.

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