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By Robert Kaplan

Simply because executives are typically challenge solvers, they generally concentrate on weaknesses after they are looking to increase their functionality. This process may be valuable yet there's one other that may be simply as potent: spotting strengths. A senior supervisor whom the writer interviewed stated this a couple of best individual: "If he observed his personal strengths and internalized them, loads of his weaknesses might move away." during this record, the writer explains why it's serious to acknowledge strengths with the intention to increase functionality and why it is usually tricky to get that idea throughout to executives. For training managers and people who enhance them, this record bargains sound yet usually ignored developmental rules for overcoming weaknesses.

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Principle 4: Get Personally Involved The data are major leverage in our work with executives, but they would not have the same impact if we did not also work actively with each executive. This includes helping the executive review the data and see what is significant. But our involvement is not limited to providing technical assistance. We relate to executives in a way that they can tell we are genuinely interested in them and their well-being; we are invested in their success. Beyond that, we are prepared to put all relevant issues on the table and to deal with the emotions that may get stirred up.

He was strong across the board. A superior said, “I look for people who can cover the waterfront. Jim has a lot of it. ” Jim got good grades on both sides of several classic dualities. He did well on strategic thinking and on execution; on getting things done and on relationships; on being forceful and on enabling others; on having “mental toughness” and on caring about people; on contributing personally and on bringing out the best in others. He was intelligent, insightful, and a quick study; he set priorities effectively, was well organized, managed conflict well, had high integrity, and so on.

And to be comfortable with doing that. I find myself referring to the report when the pressure businesswise goes up or strategic decisions need to be made. ” This image is suggestive of a process playing out over time. I thought the experience was a great opening of a door that was inviting me to walk through. Even though it was a little scary on that side of the door, I have found that as I walked through there was a lot of life and light that I was missing out on. I would have lost a lot if I hadn’t listened to the feedback and to what you said.

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