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When instruction which resets GIE bit is executed (GIE=0, all interrupts disallowed), any interrupt that remained unsolved should be ignored. Outline of 16F84 microcontroller interrupt Interrupts which remained unsolved and are ignored, are processed when GIE bit (GIE=1, all interrupts allowed) is reset. When interrupt is answered, GIE bit is reset so that any additional interrupts would be disabled, return address is pushed onto stack and address 0004h is written in program counter - only after this does replying to an interrupt begin!

As an addition in doing operations in arithmetic and logic, ALU controls status bits (bits found in STATUS register). Execution of some instructions affects status bits, which depends on the result itself. Depending on which instruction is being executed, ALU can affect values of Carry (C), Digit Carry (DC), and Zero (Z) bits in STATUS register. htm (3 of 6) [30/12/2001 16:53:35] Chapter 2 - Microcontroller PIC16F84 bit 0 C (Carry) Transfer Bit that is affected by operations of addition, subtraction and shifting.

Htm (1 of 3) [30/12/2001 16:53:36] Chapter 2 - Microcontroller PIC16F84 PORTB PORTB has 8 pins joined to it. The appropriate register for direction of data is TRISB at address 86h. Setting a bit in TRISB register defines the corresponding port pin as an input pin, and resetting a bit in TRISB register defines the corresponding port pin as the output pin. Each pin on PORTB has a weak internal pull-up resistor (resistor which defines a line to logic one) which can be activated by resetting the seventh bit RBPU in OPTION register.

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