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By Howard Eves

This vintage best-seller via a well known writer introduces arithmetic heritage to math and math schooling majors. advised essay issues and challenge stories problem scholars. CULTURAL CONNECTIONS sections clarify the time and tradition during which arithmetic built and developed. graphics of mathematicians and fabric on ladies in arithmetic are of exact curiosity.

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K is a distinct eigenvalue. Then χt (y1 , . . , yk ; z1 , . . , zk ) = 0, t = 0, . . , k. 8) by zr , respectively, and integrate over (ar , br ). This gives k λs Ψrs (yr , zr ) = 0, r = 1, . . , k. 3) µs Ψrs (zr , yr ) = 0, r = 1, . . , k. 4) 0 Likewise, k 0 Since the problem is formally self-adjoint and definite, we may take it that the λs , µs are real. 3), we have k µs Ψrs (yr , zr ) = 0, 0 r = 1, . . , k. 5. 3), and note that the vectors (λ0 , . . , λk ), (µ0 , . . , µk ) are linearly independent; this is what we mean by specifying that the eigenvalues are distinct.

We then pick out a subsequence such that, for each r = 1, . . , k, and each t = 1, . . , N , the yr,jN +t (xr ) converges uniformly, as j runs through this sequence. 4). This gives, in the limit, N eigenfunctions, associated with the eigenvalue (µ0 , . . 10), and so are linearly independent. 8), and so we have a contradiction. 5), with homogeneous eigenvalues (λ0n , . . 2) if µ0 = 0. In other words, with inhomogeneous eigenvalues obtained by taking λ0 = 1, the eigenvalues have no finite limitpoint.

Xk . We then have, with y = y 1 , . . , yk , bk b1 ... (∆0 y, y) = a1 ak P |y|2 dx1 · · · dxk . 4), and do not vanish identically; here the boundary conditions play no role. 4) having the form there given, or in particular being of second order. 5) that if this first definiteness condition holds, then λ0 = 0 for any eigenvalue. 4), by taking λ0 = 1. 5), assumed formally self-adjoint and satisfying the first definiteness condition, a (k + 1)-tuple (µ0 , . . ,µk ) for which µ0 = 0 cannot be a limit-point of a sequence of (homogeneous) eigenvalues.

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