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The Blitzer Algebra Series combines mathematical accuracy with an attractive, pleasant, and sometimes enjoyable presentation for max attraction. Blitzer’s character exhibits in his writing, as he attracts readers into the fabric via proper and thought-provoking purposes. each Blitzer web page is attention-grabbing and appropriate, making sure that scholars will really use their textbook to be successful!

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B. Use your formula from part (a) to find the heart rate during exercise for a 40-year-old with this goal. 128. a. Write a formula that models the heart rate, H, in beats per minute, for a person who is a years old and would like to achieve 78 of maximum heart rate during exercise. Writing in Mathematics 131. Explain how to convert a mixed number to an improper fraction and give an example. 132. Explain how to convert an improper fraction to a mixed number and give an example. 133. Describe the difference between a prime number and a composite number.

And a number, increased by 6, is 3 less than the number. 114. The product of 3 4 Target Heart Rate Ranges for Exercise Goals and a number, increased by 9, is 2 less Boost performance as a competitive athlete than the number. Improve cardiovascular conditioning Practice PLUS In Exercises 115–118, perform the indicated operation. Write the answer as an algebraic expression. 115. 117. 3a 4 5 116. 11 9 x x 118. 2 a 3 7 10 6  y y In Exercises 119–120, perform the indicated operations. Begin by performing operations in parentheses.

Among the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, . . , a number greater than 1 that has only itself and 1 as factors is called a/an ______________ number.  6. In 7 5  35, the numbers 7 and 5 are called ______________ of 35 and the number 35 is called the ______________ of 7 and 5.   7. If a a is a fraction and c is a nonzero number, then b b 8. If a c a c and are fractions, then   ______________. b d b d 2 c  ______________. c 3 9. Two fractions whose product is 1, such as 3 and 2 , are called ______________ of each other.

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