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There is lots that you can make a choice from during this choice of 40 fabulous technological know-how venture rules from genuine little ones, selected via recognized kid's technological know-how author Janice VanCleave. constructing your individual technology undertaking calls for making plans, learn, and plenty of labor. This booklet saves you effort and time by means of exhibiting you the way to advance your venture from begin to end and providing priceless layout and presentation recommendations. tasks are in an easy-to-follow structure, use easy-to-find fabrics, and comprise dozens illustrations and diagrams that exhibit you what different types of charts and graphs to incorporate on your technology undertaking and the way to establish your venture exhibit. You’ll additionally locate transparent medical factors, guidance for constructing your personal certain technology venture, and a hundred extra principles for technological know-how tasks in all technological know-how different types.

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13 Example of a table of contents. 2. INTRODUCTION This section sets the stage for your project report. It is a statement of your purpose, along with some of the background information that led you to make this study and what you hoped to achieve from it. It should INTRODUCTION Moths are seen flying around outdoor lights at night. Before starting the project, my research uncovered the idea that moths navigate by moonlight. Thus, a moth trying to fly in a straight line could do so by always keeping the Moon to the same side.

2. 3. 26 Example of an introduction. qxd 8/3/06 10:26 AM Page 27 EXPERIMENT contain a brief statement of your hypothesis based on your research; that is, it should state what information or knowledge led you to your hypothesis. If your teacher requires footnotes, then include one for each information source you have used. 3 does not use footnotes. This part of the report contains information about the project experiment. Describe in detail all methods used to collect your data or make your observations.

As the day progresses, shadows shorten. At noon, when the Sun is at its highest point in the sky, shadows are shortest. In the afternoon, shadows are longer again and in the opposite direction, toward the east. Not only does Earth rotate (turn on its axis), but it also revolves (to move in a curved path around another object) around the Sun. This motion changes the position of the Sun in the sky. In the Northern Hemisphere (the part of Earth north of the equator—the imaginary line dividing Earth into two parts), the Sun’s highest noon position in the southern sky is on the first day of summer, called the summer solstice (the first day of summer on or about June 21/June 22).

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