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By M. G Chitkara

During this booklet, Justice M G Chitkara, who retired as vice president of Himachal Pradesh Administrative Tribunal, offers with parallel streams of Kashmir heritage: on non secular part, he dwells upon the improvement of varied levels of Shaivism; and at the mundane facet, he talks concerning the historical past of rulers and the governed, the spiritual dissension and, specially, the persecution of Kashmiri Pandits within the backdrop of terrorist actions within the Valley.

Tracing the Shavism culture in Kashmir, the writer discusses at size the diadem of Himalayas, self-realisation, Hindu literature with particular specialise in Shaiva scriptures, Bodhyana''s Brahmsutra and Amarnath dham. he's taking a detailed examine ethnic cleansing within the Valley and highlights the plight of the Kashmiri Pandits.

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Any art that exists in Tibet, China, India and Persia has influence of the Himalayan beauty on it. Beauty remains bound within the limitations of hum an realms if it is not appreciated heartily. When one becomes aware of the higher level of beauty, which projects itself though nature, he becomes a true artist. When an artist becomes aware of that fountain from which arises all beauty, then instead of painting, he starts composing poems. The brush and colours do not have access to that finest level of consciousness.

M ukand R ani Shastri was a living pupil in the line of descendent of the founder of the Kashmiri Shaivism Acharya Abhanav Gupta1. The home of Kashmir Shaivism is the valley of Kashm ir India, a region of breathtaking beauty. One hundred miles long and 75 miles wide at its broadest, and 5,500 feet above sea level, majestic mountains surround the valley. This terrain isolates Valley, The Rishivae 21 Kashmir from the tropical Indian subcontinent, providing it with a mild and tem perate climate. Since ancient times the Kashmir Valley has offered royalty and the wealthy a refuge from the oppressive heat of Indian springs and summers.

Shaivism provides us with process. Unlike the natural laws, the spiritual discovery has to be made by each of us. So a measure of sincerity. Detachment and ethical conduct is a must. REFERENCES 1. l. 2. W. Schomerus: Shaiva Siddhanta (2000), p. 316. 3. K. Kaw, Prof. S. Bhat, Prof. B. Dhar, A. N. Kaul, Dr. ), Kashmiri Pandits: Looking to the Future (2001), pp. 68-71. 6 QefJ- (localisation “Self-realisation”, the word ‘self means something different from the body-mind complex. The “SELF” here means, energy that which existed before this body came into existence and that which will continue residue of the personality of a man after his body-mind has been removed.

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