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By Paul W. Farris, Neil T. Bendle, Phillip E. Pfeifer, David J. Reibstein

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AAU studies are most useful when their results are set against a clear comparator. This benchmark may comprise the data from prior periods, different markets or competitors. 2). AAU metrics are generally designed to track these stages of knowledge, beliefs and behaviours. AAU studies also may track “who” uses a brand or product – in which customers are defined by category usage (heavy/light), geography, demographics, psychographics, media usage and whether they purchase other products. 2 Awareness, attitudes and usage: hierarchy of effects Awareness Attitudes Customers must first become aware of a product, then .

Older consumers have been shown to demonstrate the highest loyalty rates. Even with these complexities, however, customer loyalty remains one of the most important metrics to monitor. Marketers should understand the worth of their brands in the eyes of the customer – and of the retailer. QXP:M03_FARR2038_01_SE_C03 31/10/08 Margins and profits 14:41 Page 43 3 Metrics covered in this chapter: l Margins l Selling prices and channel margins l Average price per unit and price per statistical unit l Variable costs and fixed costs l Marketing spending – total, fixed and variable l Break-even analysis and contribution analysis l Target volume Introduction Peter Drucker has written that the purpose of a business is to create a customer.

In evaluating loyalty to a given brand, marketers can consider the average number of brands purchased by consumers of that brand versus the average number purchased by all customers in that category. Example Among 10 customers for cat food, 7 bought the Arda brand, 5 bought Bella and 3 bought Constanza. 5 brands per customer. Seeking to evaluate customer loyalty, a Bella brand manager notes that of his firm’s 5 customers, 3 bought only Bella, whereas 2 bought both Arda and Bella. None of Bella’s customers bought Constanza.

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