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20 · Kinship Relations in the Gospel of John term’s referent, there is little doubt that when it is employed in hostile fashion, the Evangelist has in mind opponents of Jesus and his mission (John 5:16, 18; 6:41-42; 7:1; 8:37, 40, 59; 10:31, 33, 39; 11:8, 54; 19:7, 12, 14-15). But who are these opponents? 37 While the authorities often appear to be implicated, this is not always so. Jouette Bassler, for example, has demonstrated that even a crowd of Galileans merit the designation οἱ ᾽Ιουδαῖοι.

Since Jesus has 26 John’s Portrayal of Family in Scholarly Discussion · 27 brothers (John 2:12; 7:3, 5, 10), why would he commend his mother to the Beloved Disciple (19:27)? Finally, Jesus, members of his family by blood, and his disciples are depicted as enjoying amicable relations in the scene in Capernaum (John 2:12), but the only son with whom his mother has further contact in the Fourth Gospel is Jesus. At no time are words exchanged between the mother of Jesus and his siblings, and aside from John 2:12, there is no mention of her presence among them.

Malbon and A. Berlin; Semeia 63; Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1993) 143-58, esp. 149-50. 28 Raymond E. ; AB 29-29A; Garden City: Doubleday, 1966-70) 1. 103. E. 29 There is no evidence in John’s Gospel to indicate which option pertains to Jesus’s mother. However, in John 6:42, Jesus’s opponents claim to know his mother and father. 30 Elsewhere in the Fourth Gospel, this construction is employed in reference to Jesus and the Father: Jesus knows the Father (John 7:29; 8:55), but his adversaries know neither him nor his Father (1:26; 7:28; 8:19; 15:21).

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