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First version, 1989, first printing, a like-new, unread, unworn, unopened, unmarked hardcover, with an eqaully fantastic plastic-covered, unclipped ($16.95) dirt jacket, from Paragon condo. by way of Sidney box. Edited via Peter Hay. 157 pages plus a "selected studying" web page. ISBN 1-55778-180-X.

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I simply wasn’t able to frame any kind of question appropriate to the occasion. At length, Krishnaji got up to stoke the fire. He turned and faced me, straight and austere, regal in appearance, a prince in faded Levi’s and worn cotton shirt, his expressive black eyes alight with a great fire. All at once, the veil of unawareness that had obscured my perceptions vanished. I felt entirely vulnerable. ” “I’m not sure, Krishnaji. I thought I knew in Eerde, when I walked under the tall trees with you.

They arranged for train tickets and reserved a room for me in a little hotel in Paris, L’Hôtel des États Unis. I was to leave the following day from Ommen, and I knew that for a small consideration I could get the friendly old chauffeur to drive me to the station and keep quiet about it. That afternoon the sky cleared and the sun shone for the first time in ten days. But that was not the only reason why this day was to be of special significance. Sitting in my room, which overlooked the entrance to the castle, I was watching the welcome sunlight play through the treetops when suddenly I noticed a tall, slender girl, dressed in a long, clinging, black house robe splashed with huge red roses, crossing the lawn on her way to the castle.

Forget about Eerde, what you felt and thought and did there. When you divide life between the beautiful woods of Eerde and the ugly business world of Los Angeles, you create a hopeless conflict. ” “No, to accept is an attitude of the mind. ” “I understand and perceive this, Krishnaji. That I am unhappy, in pain, frustrated. ” “It’s really easy,” he said casually. “But you complicate things. You don’t let Life paint the picture. ” “You’re a spiritual genius, Krishnaji. ” “No, no,” he protested.

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