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It is poor technique to dig into the agar, but with practice, you will avoid this error. REMEMBER ▲ FIG. 8. Quadrant 3 Quadrant 4 1. Keep the plate inverted (upside down) before and after inoculation and during incubation. This prevents any moisture that may have accumulated on the inside of the cover from dropping onto the surface of the agar and prohibiting proper isolation. 2. Heat the loop at least once during the streaking procedure. Quadrant 2 3. Do many streaks per section of plate, and do not overlap streaked areas.

DO NOT SHAKE THE TUBE IN SUCH A WAY AS TO CONTAMINATE THE CAP WITH THE BROTH. Once mixed, you may observe turbidity, flocculence, or even a ropelike appearance. further distinguished by their cellular arrangements. 4 shows the following group morphologies: Rod or bacillus coccobacillus vibrio or comma single rod streptobacillus (strepto ϭ chain) cording snapping, palisades or picket fence, “Chinese letters” Coccus (berry-shaped) diplococcus (diplo ϭ pair) MICROBIAL CELLULAR MORPHOLOGY tetrad—packet of 4 streptococcus—chain of at least 4 Another method of distinguishing between microbes is to view them under the microscope.

Hold both tubes in your left hand (if you are righthanded). If you are using screw-capped tubes, loosen both screw caps to the point where they will lift right off. 2. Grasp the inoculator (inoculating loop) with your dominant hand as you would a pen or pencil. Heat the loop to redness by holding it at an approximately 60-degree angle, just outside the blue cone of the Bunsen burner. (See Fig. ) Alternatively, place the inoculator in the incinerator for 5 seconds. (See Fig. ) 3. Open both tubes by placing the caps in the palm of your hand adjacent to your pinky, and making a fist; alternatively, hold the caps slightly apart and use your pinky and ring finger to remove the caps.

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