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By Francine Frank, Frank Anshen

In a hugely readable and full of life textual content, the authors discover the best way language mirrors our cultural assumptions, particularly these inquisitive about gender differences. concentrating on modern matters, they draw on their wisdom of sociolinguistics and different languages to demonstrate how sexism will be hidden by means of behavior of language. In making the reader conscious of those, they recommend techniques for swap.
Language and the Sexes synthesizes a variety of updated details and study below numerous subject matters: naming, stereotypes of language habit, the politics of dialog, different types of tackle, asymmetry in vocabulary, and probabilities of reform. The booklet concludes with advised initiatives regarding those subject matters, guidance for non-discriminatory language use, and an intensive bibliography.

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Among the Carib Indians, men and women were reported by early explorers to have different words for many common items, as if there were a different dictionary for male and female use. This was, apparently, caused by the fact that the native Arakawa had been conquered by Caribs, who killed the men and kept the women as slaves or wives. The women kept their native language and taught it to their children, thus making it the native language of succeeding generations. e. Carib. Actually, the Carib they learned was a pidginized Carib, since, as already noted, there were no native speakers of Carib after the first, conquering, generation.

Sometimes, however, the stereotypes may be so strong that they blind people to actual behavior which conflicts with them, especially their own behavior. " About ten minutes later, this same man said: "I can't come up with anything. Oh dear, I'm just going to run the tape down" (p. 237). '' The children's stereotyped view that "men swear, but ladies don't" evidently had more impact on them than what they had heard with their own ears (p. 243). The reactions reported by Edelsky serve as reminders that people seem, in general, to be rotten observers of both < previous page page_29 If you like this book, buy it!

However, there are no apparent characteristic physical differences between young boys and girls which would cause differences in voice quality, and they often sound alike. Nonetheless, in a study by Jacqueline Sachs, Philip Lieberman, and Donna Erickson, it was found that people were consistently able to judge the sex of young speakers from their recorded voices, even when the children were matched for size. Since there is no physical basis for different ways of speaking, the authors conclude (p.

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