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Indd 19 5/18/10 4:28:10 PM 20 Law 1700: Parliament of England expands its role to take on the job of writing bills and presenting them to the monarch for signature or veto. 1775: Thomas Jefferson writes Declaration of Independence for the Second Continental Congress of American colonists, explaining why British colonial subjects should be independent. 1776: Declaration of Independence ratified, granting sovereignty of the thirteen colonies from the British Empire. 1787: United States Constitution written and adopted.

Labor-intensive projects such as document review and due diligence-the practice of examining a company’s or institution’s actions to see if it complies with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations—also fi nd their way overseas. Within the United States, a growing number of fi rms and individual lawyers are offering similar services. Some lawyers specialize in legal research and writing, or appellate brief writing. They sell their services to other lawyers who do not have the time to write lengthy pieces.

Is the defendant. In other words, a case name will be written “Plaintiff v. ” The trial court determines questions of fact and questions of law. Questions of fact concern what exactly happened in the case before the court. Who did what to whom? When did all of it happen? The lawyers presenting the case use various types of evidence to establish the facts that they want the judge or jury to believe. indd 23 5/18/10 4:28:11 PM 24 Law speeches in which they try to convince the judge or jury that their side is correct.

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