Download Lead-Free Solders: Materials Reliability for Electronics by Arthur Willoughby, Peter Capper, Safa Kasap(eds.) PDF

By Arthur Willoughby, Peter Capper, Safa Kasap(eds.)

Content material:
Chapter 1 Reliability of Lead?Free digital Solder Interconnects: Roles of fabric and repair Parameters (pages 1–9): okay. N. Subramanian
Chapter 2 part Diagrams and Their purposes in Pb?Free Soldering (pages 11–44): Sinn?Wen Chen, Wojciech Gierlotka, Hsin?Jay Wu and Shih?Kang Lin
Chapter three section Diagrams and Alloy improvement (pages 45–70): Alan Dinsdale, Andy Watson, Ales Kroupa, Jan Vrestal, Adela Zemanova and Pavel Broz
Chapter four interplay of Sn?Based Solders with Ni(P) Substrates: section Equilibria and Thermochemistry (pages 71–118): Clemens Schmetterer, Rajesh Ganesan and Herbert Ipser
Chapter five ‘Effects of adlescent Alloying Additions at the homes and Reliability of Pb?Free Solders and Joints’ (pages 119–159): Sung ok. Kang
Chapter 6 improvement and Characterization of Nano?Composite Solder (pages 161–177): Johan Liu, Si Chen and Lilei Ye
Chapter 7 Chemical alterations for Lead?Free Soldering and Their impact on Reliability (pages 179–194): Laura J. Turbini
Chapter eight effect of Microstructure on Creep and excessive pressure expense Fracture of Sn?Ag?Based Solder Joints (pages 195–231): P. Kumar, Z. Huang, I. Dutta, G. Subbarayan and R. Mahajan
Chapter nine Microstructure and Thermomechanical habit Pb?Free Solders (pages 233–250): D. R. Frear
Chapter 10 Electromechanical Coupling in Sn?Rich Solder Interconnects (pages 251–271): Q. S. Zhu, H. Y. Liu, L. Zhang, Q. L. Zeng, Z. G. Wang and J. okay. Shang
Chapter eleven impression of Temperature?Dependent Deformation features on Thermomechanical Fatigue Reliability of Eutectic Sn?Ag Solder Joints (pages 273–295): Andre Lee, Deep Choudhuri and okay. N. Subramanian
Chapter 12 Sn Whiskers: motives, Mechanisms and Mitigation concepts (pages 297–321): Nitin Jadhav and Eric Chason
Chapter thirteen Tin Whiskers (pages 323–335): Katsuaki Suganuma
Chapter 14 Electromigration Reliability of Pb?Free Solder Joints (pages 337–373): Seung?Hyun Chae, Yiwei Wang and Paul S. Ho
Chapter 15 Electromigration in Pb?Free Solder Joints in digital Packaging (pages 375–399): Chih Chen, Shih?Wei Liang, Yuan?Wei Chang, Hsiang?Yao Hsiao, Jung Kyu Han and ok. N. Tu
Chapter sixteen results of Electromigration on digital Solder Joints (pages 401–422): Sinn?Wen Chen, Chih?Ming Chen, Chao?Hong Wang and Chia?Ming Hsu
Chapter 17 Thermomigration in SnPb and Pb?Free Flip?Chip Solder Joints (pages 423–442): Tian Tian, okay. N. Tu, Hsiao?Yun Chen, Hsiang?Yao Hsiao and Chih Chen
Chapter 18 impression of Miniaturization on Mechanical Reliability of Lead?Free Solder Interconnects (pages 443–485): Golta Khatibi, Herbert Ipser, Martin Lederer and Brigitte Weiss

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