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By Jerrold E. Marsden

A monograph on a few of the methods geometry and research can be utilized in mathematical difficulties of actual curiosity. the jobs of symmetry, bifurcation, and Hamiltonian structures in diversified purposes are explored.

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X -fix + ax3 = e(y cos a)t — 8x). , which is Hamiltonian in X - R2 = I with The flow of this system is the familiar figure-eight pattern (Fig. 4) with a homoclinic orbit given by FlG. 4. The homoclinic orbit in Duffing's equation.

3. By abuse of notation, let us write W(F, g, G), W(C,G) and W(, g, G) to indicate the intended variables. , % is the stored energy per unit mass and e denotes %°((>~l. 4. In terms of 5, the basic equations of motion defining the Hamiltonian system are where S is regarded as a function of <£ through the constitutive relation ^S = Po d%/dF. Boundary conditions appropriate to the problem at hand must be added as well. 6 This formula for the Cauchy stress is similar to one due to Doyle and Ericksen [1956].

Hawking and Ellis [1973]. 20 LECTURE 2 Next let us compute the rate of change of total energy of a material volume U c: £$ (that is assumed to have smooth boundary) along a solution: If U — 88, then this vanishes as it should. Now we invoke a basic axiom of continuum physics. CAUCHVS AXIOM OF POWER. Given a soiunon curve 4>t as above, there exists a smooth function T of the arguments X, t and N e TX88 with values in T*£f, where x = tft,(X), such that in this formula, NX is the unit outward normal to BU and da is the Riemannian area element on dU.

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