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The legend of A rchelides, that's released within the following pages, has hitherto been recognized through extracts purely. it truly is pointed out for the 1st time in A sseman s Bibliotheca Orientals, III, 286 who, wrongly, identifies A rchelides with John of Rome even if there's a convinced likeness among the 2 legends ). Wiistenfeld has translated the A rabic textual content of the synaxary of the Coptic church 2). In 1897 Erman edited a few Coptic fragments of the legend including the A rabic textual content of Wiistenfeld stranslation 3). The Coptic textual content is a poetic model, which turns out to were destined for public recitation. Sachau has given a precis of our Ms. Bin his catalogue of the Syriac Mss. at Berlin 4). the current publication comprises the Syriac, A rabic and A ethiopic types of the legend. i've got altered the readings of the Mss. in basic terms the place the copyist turns out to have made a blunder. So i've got retained the orthography 1) The legend of John of Rome or John bar Malke is located in Bedjan s Acta Martyrum, I, 344 365. 2) Synaxarium das ist Heiligen-kalender dcr coptischen Christen p. 237 ct scqu. three) A bhandlungen der Berliner educational der Wissenschaften 1897. four) Verzeichniss der syrischen Handschriften II, 743 et scqu.
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God brought her [to the Three days before God had taught In a few days the grace of end of her journey]. the blessed Archelides about the coming of his mother. " ; the porter answered from my Lord, who art thou She answered and said ? to him: "My Lord, am I a strange woman befallen by and feeble of strength. I have come to pray in convent and to be blessed also by the blessed illness this Archelides. " I I beseech thee, enter to may And when my Lord, open the gate for him and to the holy she had said men who so, grievously, many dropped from her eyes and her mouth was closed tears by sobs.

190? X, J^ i^i^- 4j\ ,juLi\ ^5U\ ^^J-^aJ Jiail 4ji\ U ^ Ju& J\ ^1. fol. 1896 fol. Je ^ O* V, \i < V^ J\ t c5^ Jb j\ di, U J\ c^xfc^ i ^ \i J^^J\ ^ JVaJ U JJ lj (3 J\ 1886 v\ jf ^ j*i ^ A! ^ ^o\ t\ V;\ < J\ ^Va^ ^J\ ci^Ix J V^\ r i O . (3 A \ fol. ISSa jo U Oj^r^ Vjj . " <d-^ ti\ ^j Vli ^ fol. JW, o L JA 1 ^ J ^ J\ Syriacisiu. ^-\ I CUi\j >V\ JU3 185 Via L t C-i^yo ij U. ^ j LAV. __$* , J I.

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