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IF WITI'GENSTEIN might speak, may perhaps WE comprehend HIM? Perusing the secondary literature on Wittgenstein, i've got often skilled an ideal Brechtean Entfremdungseffekt. this can be fascinating, i've got felt like asserting whilst interpreting books and papers on Wittgenstein, yet who's the author conversing approximately? in no way Ludwig Wittgenstein the particular one that wrote his books and notebooks and whom I occurred to fulfill. Why is there this unusual hole among the information of the particular thinker and the musings of his interpreters? Wittgenstein is speaking to us during the posthumous booklet of his writings. Why do not philosophers comprehend what he's announcing? A partial cause is printed within the first essay of this quantity. Wittgenstein used to be a long way too impatient to provide an explanation for in his books and booklet drafts what his difficulties have been, what it used to be that he used to be attempting to get transparent approximately. He used to be even too impatient to provide an explanation for in complete his prior suggestions, frequently basically relating them casually because it have been in a shorthand notation. For one vital example, within the Brown publication, Wittgenstein had defined in a few element what name-object relationships quantity to in his view. There he deals either a proof of what his challenge is and an account of his personal view illustrated via particular examples of language-games. but if he increases an analogous query back in Philosophical Investigations I, sec.

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In 1985, a pirated edition of the coded parts of the 1914-1916 notebooks was published in Spanish, in the magazine Saber in Barcelona. In principle, however, access to the coded passage is strictly controlled by the literary executors. They are supposed to be censored from the microfilms distributed hy the Cornell University library, although at least one major university library has mistakenly received an unexpurgated copy. Once again, the issues surrounding the coded passages are too complex to be resolved in a single essay.

Since Wittgenstein had held the former view in the Tractatus, the idea of a picture "not by similarity:' was for him a new idea in The Blue Book. We can thus see a major difference between the picture idea Wittgenstein is defending in The Blue Book and his views in the Tractatus. 011: AN ANATOMY OF WITTGENSTEIN'S PICTURE THEORY 33 At fJtSt sight a proposition - one set out on the printed page for instance - does not seem to be a picture of the reality with which it is concerned. But no more does musical notation at frrst sign seem to be a picture of music, nor our phonetic notation (the alphabet) to be a picture of our speech.

I do not know whether or not this welcome development will actually help the production of a printed Gesamtausgabe. A secondary, but not unimportant subplot in the story of Wittgenstein's literary remains, concerns the publishers of the remains. The original text material published so far in book form has been mostly brought out by Suhrkamp or by Basil Blackwell. Alas, Mr. Nedo has had a bitter quarrel with Suhrkamp, and there has been friction between Professor Anscombe and Basil Blackwell. Perhaps because of these problems, probably for other reasons as well, the Gesamtausgabe project does not have a publisher for the products of their labors.

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