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By F. J. Baltá Calleja, S. Fakirov

This e-book offers with the micromechanical characterization of polymer fabrics. It emphasizes microhardness as a method in a position to detecting numerous morphological and textural alterations in polymers. The authors supply a complete advent to the microhardness of polymers, together with descriptions of a few of the checking out equipment in fabrics technological know-how and engineering. additionally they speak about the micromechanical research of glassy polymers and the correct elements of microhardness of semicrystalline polymers. quite a few software examples of the microhardness strategy for the characterization of polymeric fabrics aid readers improve a fantastic figuring out of the fabric. those actual international examples contain the impact of polymer processing, the use in weathering checks, the characterization of converted polymer surfaces, and others. This ebook can be of use to graduate point fabrics technology scholars, in addition to learn staff in fabrics technology, mechanical engineering and physics departments attracted to the microindentation hardness of polymer fabrics.

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