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By Toril Swan, Olaf J. Westvik

TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS is a sequence of books that open new views in our figuring out of language. The sequence publishes state of the art paintings on center components of linguistics throughout theoretical frameworks in addition to reports that offer new insights by means of development bridges to neighbouring fields akin to neuroscience and cognitive science.

TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS considers itself a discussion board for state of the art learn in line with sturdy empirical info on language in its a variety of manifestations, together with signal languages. It regards linguistic edition in its synchronic and diachronic dimensions in addition to in its social contexts as very important resources of perception for a greater knowing of the layout of linguistic structures and the ecology and evolution of language.

TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS publishes monographs and awesome dissertations in addition to edited volumes, which supply the chance to handle arguable issues from varied empirical and theoretical viewpoints. top of the range criteria are ensured via nameless reviewing.

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Det hade han nog. had he any siblings that had he probably (Gripe, SO 58) (79) Did he have any sisters or brothers? Probably. fast jag ska be honom skriva den själv jag kan ... although I shall ask him write it himself I can nog inte. probably not (Gripe, SO 128) (81) ... and I'm going to ask him to write it down, because I don't think I could. (Gripe, ET 114) The reinforcing nog is signalled by stress and front position: (82) Ja, nog var det bra att hon inte skulle ro sä yes certainly was it good that she not would row so längt.

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