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By Jon C. Thompson MD

Netter’s Concise Orthopaedic Anatomy is a best-selling, transportable, full-color source first-class to have available in the course of your orthopaedic rotation, residency, or as a short look-up in perform. Jon C. Thompson offers the most recent info in completely up-to-date diagnostic and remedy algorithms for all stipulations whereas holding the preferred at-a-glance desk layout from the former version. You’ll get much more paintings from the Netter assortment in addition to new radiologic photographs that visually exhibit the main medical correlations and functions of anatomical imaging. for a quick, memorable overview of orthopaedic anatomy, it is a must-have.

  • Maintains the preferred at-a-glance desk structure that makes discovering crucial info quickly and convenient.
  • Contains priceless scientific details on problems, trauma, historical past, actual examination, radiology, surgical methods, and minor methods in each chapter.
  • Lists key info on bones, joints, muscle groups, and nerves in tables correlate to every Netter image.
  • Highlights key fabric in numerous colors―pearls in eco-friendly and warnings in red―for effortless reference.
  • Features either simple movie and complicated radiographic (CT and MRI) photos, besides cross-sectional anatomic plates for an excellent extra thorough visible illustration of the material.
  • Includes extra universal surgical methods to offer you a broader knowing of techniques.
  • Incorporates reorganized advanced Arthology tables for big joints, akin to the shoulder, knee, and hip, for elevated readability and to include new paintings and extra medical correlations.
  • Reflects new info and present diagnostic and therapy options via updates to the issues and Fractures sections and the actual examination and Anatomic tables in each one chapter.
  • Presents the very newest advancements within the box via completely up-to-date diagnostic and therapy algorithms for all scientific conditions.

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Normal. Clear to pale yellow, transparent. WBC Ͻ 200 B. Osteoarthritis. Slightly deeper yellow, transparent. WBC Ͻ2000 C. Inflammatory. Darker yellow, cloudy, translucent (type blurred or obscured). WBC Ͻ 80,000 D. Septic. Purulent, dense, opaque. WBC Ͼ 80,000 E. Hemarthrosis. Red, opaque. Must be differentiated from traumatic tap The clarity of the fluid is assessed by expressing a small amount of fluid out of the plastic syringe into a glass tube. Printed words viewed through normal and noninflammatory joint fluid can be read easily.

Must be differentiated from traumatic tap The clarity of the fluid is assessed by expressing a small amount of fluid out of the plastic syringe into a glass tube. Printed words viewed through normal and noninflammatory joint fluid can be read easily. A B C D E Viscosity. Drop of normal or noninflammatory fluid expressed from needle will string out 1 in or more, indicative of high viscosity. Inflammatory fluid evidences little or no stringing. Viscosity may also be tested between gloved thumb and forefinger.

Annulus fibrosus Nucleus pulposus 46 Strong attachments to end plates of adjacent vertebral bodies (via “outer annulus”) • Two layers: 1. outer annulus: dense fibers (type 1 collagen); Contained within the annulus • • • • 2. inner annulus: fibrocartilage, looser type 2 collagen fibers • Fibers are obliquely oriented and resist tensile loads • Outer layer innervated, tears can cause back pain (esp. LBP) NETTER’S CONCISE ORTHOPAEDIC ANATOMY Gelatinous mass of water, proteoglycans, & type 2 collagen Resists compressive loads (highest when sitting forward) Water & proteoglycan content decrease with advancing age Can herniate out of annulus & compress nerve root (L4-5 #1) JOINTS • Spine Transverse costal facet (for tubercle of rib of same number as vertebra) Anterior longitudinal ligament Inferior costal facet (for head of rib one number higher) Lateral costotransverse ligament Intertransverse ligament Interarticular ligament of head of rib Superior articular facet of rib head Superior costotransverse ligament Superior costal facet (for head of rib of same number) Intraarticular ligament Synovial cavities Radiate ligament of head of rib Radiate ligament of head of rib Superior costotransverse ligament (cut) Left lateral view Articular cartilage on dens for median atlantoaxial joint complex Lateral atlantoaxial joint Atlas (C1) Costotransverse ligament Lateral costotransverse ligament Transverse section: superior view Facet (zygapophyseal) joint between C2 and C3 Axis (C2) Foramen transversarium Uncinate processes Annulus fibrosus Uncovertebral joints (clefts) of Luschka LIGAMENT ATTACHMENTS COMMENTS UNCOVERTEBRAL JOINTS • “Joints of Luschka”: articulation in cervical spine b/w the uncinate process on the concave superior end plates of the in- ferior vertebral body & the articulating portion of the convex inferior end plate of the superior adjacent vertebral body.

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