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By Walle J. H. Nauta (auth.)

I obtained my first creation to the mind sciences in 1936 and 1937, for me the second one and 3rd years of the 7-year scientific university curriculum on the college of Leiden. in the course of these years my curiosity within the topic used to be aroused specifically by means of the intense lectures of the physiologist G. C. Rademaker - a fashionable former member of the Rudolf Magnus college - and the neurohistologist S. T. Bok, famous specifically for his histometric stories of the cerebral cortex. interested as i used to be by means of every little thing I realized concerning the mind from those extraordinary lecturers, towards the top in their classes i started to note conspicuous gaps that separated neurophysiology from neuroanatomy. actually, i may (or proposal i'll) realize an affordable concordance among the 2 sciences in simple terms in case of a few sensory and somatic-motor structures. for many different capabilities anatomical substrates appeared both poorly outlined or, as in terms of the valuable viscero-endocrine process, infrequently famous in any respect. With all of the vanity of which a 20-year outdated pupil is able I concluded that what the mind sciences wanted was once a brand new and extra whole anatomy that emphasised specifically the continuity of, and convergences or interconnections among person conduction structures. and that i wistfully mused that maybe at a while sooner or later i'll make such an endeavour a part of my very own career.

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If embedding is necessary for the preservation of anatomical continuity (for example, in cases of large lesions in the hypothalamus), embed in gelatin as follows: Wash brain slices of 5-10 mm. thickness in running tap water for 24 hours, incubate for 12-18 hours in 25% gelatin at 37° C. ) formalin. 3. Cut frozen sections of 15-25 f! thickness. Assemble sections in 10% formalin, cooled to 70° F. or lower. Sections can be stoTed in cooled formalin fOT several weeks, preferably in a refrigerator. Process only a small number of sections at one time; for example, not more than 6 transverse sections of whole cat brain, OT 10 of rat brain.

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