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By Mark Shaya, Remi Nader, Jonathan Citow, Hamad Farhat, Abdulrahman Sabbagh

Neurosurgery Rounds: Questions and solutions is the 1st consultant devoted to getting ready citizens and clinical scholars for the difficult questions -- often called "pimping" within the vernacular -- they are going to often come upon on neurosurgery rotation. 9 succinct chapters totally disguise the elemental and scientific neurosciences in a handy Q & A layout that's perfect for self-study. brief solutions and factors appear Read more...


the best consultant to pimping -- 9 succinct chapters totally disguise the elemental and medical neurosciences in a handy Q&A structure that's excellent for self-study. brief solutions and causes appear Read more...

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Another name for a facet joint in the spine46 137. What is the most common dermatome syndrome seen with craniocervical diseases? C2 138. Where does the pyramidal decussation begin and where does it complete the decussation? The pyramidal decussation begins just below the obex and is not completed until some distance below the exit of the first cervical nerve root (Fig. 47 Decussation of pyramids Medulla oblongata Lateral corticospinal (pyramidal) tract Interneuron Alpha motor neuron Anterior corticospinal (pyramidal) tract Spinal cord Fig.

What does hypoglossal nerve palsy suggest in the setting of a skull base tumor? Hypoglossal nerve palsy may be a manifestation of tumor infiltration into the anterior portion of the ipsilateral occipital condyle. 125. What location of the optic chiasm is the normal anatomic location? Prefixed? Postfixed? 45 126. Which CNs carry general visceral efferent (GVE) fibers? III, VII, IX, and X44 127. Where does the trochlear nerve decussate? Within the superior medullary velum44 128. What triggers a glossopharyngeal neuralgia “attack”?

What is Weber syndrome? CN III palsy and contralateral hemiparesis. This is due to an infarct in the medial midbrain (Fig. 42 Pyramidal tract: corticonuclear and corticospinal fibers Corticopontine tract Red nucleus Oculomotor nerve Fig. 33â•… Midbrain cross-section. indd 36 36 I Basic Neurosciences 111. Where is the lesion located in Millard-Gubler syndrome? At the base of the pons. This syndrome includes VII and VI nerve palsy and contralateral hemiplegia (Fig. 43 112. What is the function of the red nucleus?

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