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By Ali Aliabadi

Was once the founding father of Shaolin kung fu chinese language? was once Zen Buddhism created by means of a eastern sage? What function did Nordics play, if any, within the formation of a ways jap civilizations and cultures?

This extraordinary essay attracts jointly significant facts that the founding father of Buddhism, martial arts and the Zen philosophy, did certainly lay with an Indo-European-descended wanderer into the a long way East.

Drawing on unique descriptions and writings from China and in other places, the writer indicates that regardless of glossy depictions of Buddha and his proselytizing acolytes as Mongoloid, the extra historic resources defined him with ecu, or even Nordic, features.

Finally, a piece on DNA facts is supplied which confirms the hyperlink among Europeans and historic China. Footnotes, references, illustrated. interesting interpreting!

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For biographies and achievements of said monks see Zürcher (1972). On page 154 of J. C. ), was known as the “Red-Bearded/Red-Mustached/Red-Haired Barbarian” (Pelliot, 1923; Soothill and Hodous, 1969; Werner, 1977). [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] Or, Scythians. Siddhartha Gautama, or, the Buddha. Yang, H. C. (1984). Yang, H. C. (1984) says that Bodhidharma was Persian. Canton. [19] Addiss (1989) claims that “reed” is a mistranslation of “reed boat”. [20] Another Chinese legend claims Shen Nung (ruled ca.

3] Not that this needs to be mentioned, but, should any reader have failed to catch on, this is the marginalized group alluded to above. [4] The initial interactions of the Europeans with the New World aborigines revealed that the indigenes gave a god-like status to those with Nordic traits. [5] The reader probably needs no reminder of the fact that non-Whites take great pride in having offspring and family members with Nordic features, such as green eyes, light skin, and fair hair. [6] He is depicted in Asian art as a bald-headed, bearded, hairy, bushy eye-browed, round-eyed White man with elongated ear lobes, usually in the stance of meditation covered by a robe.

ISHIDA, T. MATSUSHITA, and S. UEDA. 1999a. Ancient DNA: a new strategy for studying population history. Pp. 25–41 in K. OMOTO, ed. Interdisciplinary perspectives on the origins of the Japanese. International Research Center for Japanese Studies. , N. SAITOU, T. MATSUSHITA, and S. UEDA. 1995. A genetic study of 2,000-year-old human remains from Japan using mitochondrial DNA sequences. Am. J. Phys. Anthropol. 96:133–145. ———. 1999b. Molecular genetic analysis of remains of a 2,000-year-old human population in China—and its relevance for the origin of the modern Japanese population.

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