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By Nicole Urban, Charles Drescher (auth.), George Coukos, Andrew Berchuck, Robert Ozols (eds.)

Aegean meetings is an self sustaining, nonprofit, academic association directed and controlled by way of the clinical group. The board is made of 9 researchers/scientists in quite a few disciplines from Harvard, Brown, collage of Pennsylvania, UCSD, Princeton, Biovista and the basis for Biomedical study Academy of Athens. The board either invitations and approves unsolicited proposals for meetings in all fields of technological know-how, Engineering, Arts, and arts. the aim of the meetings is to compile people with universal pursuits to ascertain the rising and such a lot complicated facets in their specific field.

The Symposium on Ovarian melanoma: state-of-the-art and destiny instructions intends to assemble overseas specialists drawn to the advance of novel diagnostic, prognostic and healing instruments for ovarian melanoma. The assembly will functionality as a imagine tank the place clinicians, translational and uncomplicated scientists, and events from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical gets jointly to check contemporary advances in scientific learn and translational technological know-how in ovarian melanoma and outline parts of destiny study possibilities and priorities.

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